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Dance for Life - now on Zoom

This is a dance and fitness class that explores various dance styles and encourages you to dance at the intensity you please, request songs, sing along, social chat after class, and generally have a fun time while exercising your body.  

Classes Monday to Thursday twice a day.

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Dance + Stretches
A mixture of dance styles and music to get you moving! Try out different genres including Latin, Contemporary, Reggae and many more.
Freestyle dancing class with various options - take it easy or make it hard - it's up to you! . Easy going and fun in a friendly environment. Request your favourite music...
Social Connections
Being part of a class is a great way to socialise and get to know people.
The aim of this class is to have a fun time whilst exercising your body and helping your mind.


Mondays to Thursday

11 am and 4.30 pm

These dance classes suit all levels of fitness as everyone works to their own level. The class begins with mobility, a warm up, stretch then we go on to dance latin american and then whichever dances we are doing that block.  We finish with balance, strengthening, stretches and relaxation - no floor work.

Dance improves coordination, muscle tone and strength, reduces stress and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. This class is all about enjoyment! The main aim is to have fun whilst moving our bodies to good music. The best thing is that we will improve both our physical and mental health whilst we are doing it.

classes start back on 5th January - look forward to seeing you on Zoom!

Email for more information.

About me


I have been fortunate enough to attend various exercise and dance classes since I was young. Ballet, tap, salsa were just a few of the styles I learnt over the years.
Since undertaking a degree in Health Studies recently, I became aware of how sedentary I was becoming  and decided it was time to change things and so have recently qualified as a teacher of Exercise to Music. I now want to encourage my friends and neighbours to come and dance with me and their friends.

I live locally therefore I really want these classes to work for our community. I have become an Associate Member of People Dancing, a development organisation for community and participatory dance. I qualified in 2019 for Dance for Parkinsons. In partnership with Strathearn Arts a specialised Dance for Health class is running now on Zoom, three times a week (message for more information regarding this class).

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Janice Fraser
07921 717486